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[Era of Hogwarts] An All-Eras HP RP!

"Every great wizard in history started out as nothing more than we are now: students."
Many of the greatest witches and wizards in the world have graced the doors of Hogwarts, and spent seven years there, leaning arithmancy, buying practical jokes at Zonko’s and doing literally everything in-between.

Our aim, at Era of Hogwarts, is to condense all of this down into seven years, and answer a lot of what-ifs. What if Voldemort and Harry had been in the same potions class? What if Dumbledore was caught sneaking around the school with a boyfriend? What if Rita Skeeter had her own school gossip rag, and could talk about it all?

At present, a new year has just began, though it's not exactly to a fresh slate. There is an unknown force that is beginning to rise within the school. The year before, at least students had fallen victim to attacks, and now there are rumors about a potential growing werewolf army. Join the beginnings of the Death Eaters and the DA/Order of the Phoenix, both organizations vying for members without being entirely too sure what they are up against.

We hope to see characters from all eras interact with each other as students--as well as the opportunity to bring in original characters. Who knows? History just might rewrite itself within these walls.

We recently have rebooted the RP after a few-month vacation. Because of this, we also are looking for some new players for old characters. More than anything, we are looking for a James Potter and Sirius Black, Hermione Granger, and Peter Pettigrew -- although any number of Death Eaters or members of the DA/Order of the Phoenix are welcomed. We'd also love to see more members of other houses and younger years!